I’m not about to feed you some BS that working out is the bees knees. The fact of the matter is that although it feels good after, the results are great, and we sleep better at night from it – it still kinda sucks. I mean there are exercises that are more enjoyable than others…and yes it is a good way of getting rid of some stress, but being able to implement it into our daily routine (and not get bored of it) is tough. In my opinion, we all need a bit of cardio AND strength training in order to look and feel our best. I’m a fan of the tabata style – where I do 12 exercises 4 x for 30 sec with a 10 second break. My plan encompasses push-ups, squats, high-knees, tricep/dips, and other exercises which hit the whole body, define it, and actually make you feel stronger in just a few sessions. I do this 2-3 x a week (when I’m a keener) with a 20 minute jog to kick things off – and I’m done within an hour. Work outs like this are realistic and you don’t really need a gym to do it. Often I’m away on business trips and I manage to complete the whole thing just in my hotel room. I also change it up every few months by adding in more challenging exercises so that I don’t plateau. While the work out is fast-pace and tough, it’s also quick, to the point, and over before you know it!


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