This is something I truly believe in. I won’t be a hypocrite and say “I only think positive thoughts about people” – because I think we all fall into the trap of releasing negative feelings into the universe when we have been pushed to a certain limit – or even just annoyed to the point where only swear words can be mustered up. I believe that the universe has a reward/consequence system whereby we will get dealt some unfavourable cards if we secum to negativity more than that of positivity. We cannot be optimists all the time, but thinking negative thought about people on a regular basis affects us in ways that are beyond explanation. I feel as though I have been penalised before for wishing the worst – and I now make a conscious effort to withhold feelings of jealousy, contempt, anger, and disgust. Instead, my advice is that we try to put ourselvesImage in their shoes, and perhaps with practice this will remove the malicious undertone that we assume is there – and if all fails just try and limit the thoughts about that person and focus on things that we are grateful for – like family, friends, health, experiences, hobbies, and other things that make us happy 🙂


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